Zhejiang International Studies University

The 2017 Annual Meeting Held


On 23rd Feb, the 2017 annual meeting was held in ZISU with the school leaders in attendance. Xuan Yong, the School Party secretary, presided over the meeting, analyzing the development and prospect of ZISU and putting forward the requirements for future work. Hong Gang, the president, recalled and concluded the key work done in the last year and deployed the main tasks to be completed in 2017

Xuan stated that the year of 2017 will be a significant year in that this year will witness the 19th National Congress and the 14th Provincial Congress of Party Representatives and the further development of educational modernization. It is also a vital year for ZISU to start the 13th Five-Year Plan and to stand the test of the Assessment of the Undergraduate Teaching qualification carried out by the Ministry of Education. Hence, it is of great importance to successfully complete this year’s work. The overall requirements for the 2017 school work are as follow:


First of all,ZISU will fully implement the spirits of the 18th CPC National Congress and its 3rd ,4th , 5th and 6th plenary sessions. Second, the school leaders will completely follow the spirits embodied in president Xi’s series of important speeches and the new conceptions, ideas and strategies on governing the country. Third, ZISU will follow the strategic arrangement of the “Five In One” and the “Four Comprehensives’ strategy. Moreover, ZISU will thoroughly carry out the educational guideline formulated by CPC, insisting on the development conception of innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing. Furthermore, ZISU will deem the evaluation work as an opportunity, make use of the progress of reforming and forwarding the International Development of Higher Schools with Special Characteristics and improve the overall quality of education through reform and innovation to lay a solid foundation for the new development in the school’s 13th Five-year Plan.


Xuan Yong stressed that a cool mind should be kept to warrant a good job this year. 2017, a historical year for the development of ZISU, calls for a cool head to accomplish great missions. First, we need to comprehend our cause from the strategic perspective of the socialism construction with Chinese Characteristics. The development of higher education is an important indicator of the development and potential of a country. President Xi emphasized that our higher schools are of the socialism with Chinese Characteristics under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Referring to the requirements of President Xi, our cause needs to be considered from the height of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Dream and the cultivation of qualified socialist constructors and successors, enhancing the sense of responsibility and the sense of mission of college education. Second, our position has to be located according to the economic and social development of Zhejiang Province and the conception of energizing this province through education. After the successful transformation of the school system, we will seek new development, motivate new internal vigor and make full use of the advantages of international training and the discipline of foreign languages and cultures to cultivate highly-qualified internationalized talents and provide intellectual support for further development, revolving around a series of new requirements of building a well-off society, building up a province featuring advanced education, expanding outward development and promoting internationalism of Hangzhou city. Third, a good position should be located based on a long history of 62 years in the development of this school. The period of 7 years dating to the transformation of the school system has witnessed  various great progress made in our striving for an education “featuring foreign languages and offering first-class schooling. However, we should also be soberly aware that there is still a huge gap between ZISU current conditions and the implementation of the significant instructions of the requirements of economic and social development and the expectation of teachers and students. Considering these, the plan should be made more cautiously, and the measures should be carried out more seriously and we need to strengthen coordination to deal with the increasingly accumulation of contradictions and problems during the process of internationalization and the characteristic construction of this school.


Xuan emphasizes that doing a job this year calls for overall consideration. The forthcoming numerous events and difficulties gives us a complex mixture of emotions and assignments in our work. There are three top priorities, meeting the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching qualification by the Ministry of Education, carrying out middle-level cadres rotation and post recruitment and constructing and relocating the campus. We need to become familiar with the working process by highlighting priorities and promoting the overall job. First of all, the fulfillment of these tasks needs to be combined organically with the promotion of the Party’s ideological work. We need to further study the political theories, to complete the ideological and political work, to consolidate the idea and belief and to strengthen our awareness; we need to pay close attention to the construction of the grass-roots party organizations, to the improvement of the cohesion and power and to the pioneering and role model of the grass-roots party organizations and party members. Second, the fulfillment of these tasks needs to be combined organically with the promotion of the construction of school connotation. Third, the fulfillment of these tasks needs to be combined organically with the optimizing allocation of all resources. All these three tasks need to be integrated coordinated with the implementation of the 13th Five-year plan and the promotion of the school connotation construction. Evaluation work is a critical opportunity, through which we can promote the development of our enterprises, such as major theoretical breakthrough, key discipline construction, major development, reform of personnel training mode, introduction of teachers, deepening international exchanges and cooperation, promotion of campus culture and so forth. By setting up and perfecting a more scientific and systematic operating mechanism, we need to further allocate personnel, finance, items and various other resources to meet the need of education, making every effort to ensure the actual effect of this year’s work including these three major tasks.


Xuan emphasized that the spirit needs to be refreshed. The whole leadership group should thoroughly implement the spirit of vanguard to further boost manner, and effectively do well and fast in terms of the work objectives. In practical work, firstly, a clear thinking and a wonderful ingenuity are required. All departments and units are supposed to take the annual duty assignments seriously, coming up with detailed and feasible working ideas and measures by deeply analyzing and carefully planning. Secondly, it is important to tackle tough problems and act with courage and determination. With all the efforts the leadership makes, it is able to make use of the potential advantages to make ZISU an ambitious, distinctive and tranquil university, securing a decent position in higher education in China. Thirdly, it is vital to set a role model by actual efforts in work, which requests that the leading cadres at all levels should further play the role model and be practical when facing the heavy tasks, accomplishing the goals set up at the beginning of the year impeccably to fulfill the expectation of all students and faculty.In the end, Xuan encouraged the participants to “work industriously, communicate conscientiously, and live colorfully”. To open up a favorable new situation, the spirit of “rising upon the crowing of the rooster" needs to be applied into this year's tasks. 


Hong reviewed the key work done in 2016 in a brief summary. He said that 2016 was the opening year of the "13th Five-Year" as well as the critical year for ZISU to deepen the reform comprehensively, highlight characteristics and evaluate quality. Under the leadership and the care of the superiors, ZISU has been carrying out the spirit of the Party and thoroughly understanding the important speeches of President Xi, focusing on school development goals and paying attention to the construction of the university internationalization features. Furthermore, the school persisted in promoting moral education and improving  education quality, deepening comprehensive reform and administrating the Party strictly, thus completing the goals set up at the beginning of the year and achieving a good start in the “13th Five-Year”.


Hong Gang focused on deploying the work of 2017 comprehensively. He emphasized that 2017 is the fundamental year when the “13th Five-Year” of this school will be implemented . And it is also the year in which we will meet the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching qualification by the Ministry of Education. In order to do a better job, the following five aspects should be focused on. Firstly, it is important to further strengthen the construction of the school Party and to administrate the Party strictly, which requires the reinforcing of ideological and theoretical construction, the strengthening of the construction of the cadre team and the construction of Party organizations members at the grass-roots levels. Secondly, it is necessary to further strengthen the work of cultivating talents and implementing the fundamental task of moral education, which means strengthening the ideological and political work and improving the mechanism for implementing moral education as well as promoting the construction of campus culture. Thirdly, it is critical to further promote the connotative development and to enhance the level of internationalized education, which is supposed to strengthen planning and management and develop the road map of international education. Moreover, it is significant to get ready to meet the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching qualification, to strengthen the  characteristics of training internationalized talents as well as the professional construction  and to deepen the teaching construction and reform. Besides, it is of importance to promote students' employment and to enhance the level of scientific research and the level of international exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, it is also needed to intensify the international faculty team construction and to promote social service work. Fourth, what should not be overlooked is to further promote reform and innovation and to constantly gather new motive force. It is also expected to establish and perfect the system of law, to continue to deepen the reform of personnel management system and to promote the construction of grass-roots democracy. Fifth, it is necessary to improve school conditions and to strengthen service security, which requires pushing forward the construction of the new campus, building up the characteristics of educational resources, speeding up the construction of information technology, strengthening the management of assets and logistics services as well as deepening the construction of safe campus.

Xuan made a brief report on the democratic life of the school Party and the administration in 2016.


All the middle-level cadres attended the meeting.
                                                            (English Press Corps   Wang Xiaowei & Qin Yuyun)