Zhejiang International Studies University

Elegant Art into Campus--- Journey into the World of Peking Opera


Recently, a special performance from China National Peking Opera Company (CNPOC), as part of Elegant Art into Campus, drew its curtain in the Auditorium. The Peking Opera artists assembled to bring the whole school a brilliant performance representing the quintessence of Chinese culture. The performance was a great success and let the audiences know the beauty of Peking Opera.

Before the opera,Deputy Party secretary Zhao Fa extended welcome and expressed gratitude to the arrival of CNPOC. When the performance began, Liu Kuikui, the first-class state artist, vividly gave the lecture about profound knowledge of the Peking Opera.

Afterwards, the First Branch of CNPOC performed the representative piece of the Mei School (one branch of Peking Opera) -- The Return of the Phoenix to the Nest, also originally called the Yin Yang Tree or the Ugly Spouse. The plot is ingenious, lively, dramatic and touching, and the operatic aria here is prevalent in the Mei School. During the performance, the technical virtuosity, gorgeous costumes and delicate made-up appearance of the performers made the audience continuously burst into thunderous applause.


Considering the costume, operatic aria and dance of the special performance, the audiences were in a flutter of excitement, for it made all the teachers and students feel the artistic glamour. It also guided them to discover, enjoy and comprehend the beauty of the elegant art through which they would developed their aesthetic appreciations and become keen on Peking Opera.

      (English Press Corps  Zhu Shenxiao  Cao Jing  Wang Xudan)