Zhejiang International Studies University

The First Teaching Site of Confucius Institute of ZISU Was Put into Operation

Recently, Chinese phonetic alphabet was being taught in the classroom of Equatorial Guinea National University Bata campus, which marks the construction and preparation of Confucius Institute cooperated with ZISU was successfully completed, and officially put into use.


Bata is located on the mainland coast ofEquatorial Guinea, which is the capital of Coastal Province and the largest city in the country. In order to meet the growing demand of learning Chinese in Bata, Confucius Institute overcame difficulties and actively communicated and collaborated with Equatorial Guinean side. After six months of preparation, Chinese personnel arrived in the teaching site in late September and started enrollment propaganda work rapidly. At present, more than 170 people have signed up to learn Chinese, including teachers and students from national university and the local citizens. At the beginning, four zero starting point Chinese class were opened, and Chinese culture promotion activities will be carried out according to the demand of the students.


Kerry Santosvice president of Equatorial Guinea National University Bata campus said people in the mainland had a strong will to learn Chinese, he thanked the support provided by ZISU for teaching site construction, and expressed his willingness to provide help. TheEquatorial Guineanational TV, and some international and domestic media such as International Online reported its first class.