Zhejiang International Studies University



Life at ZISU is more than just classes and coursework. There are different kinds of societies, interest groups and clubs organized by students. Students pride themselves on their curricular and extracurricular work in the arts, athletics, volunteer work, themed events & activities and more. There is always something to fit the unique interests and abilities of every one of you at ZISU.



Art, culture, languages, science, and invention are always colorful and interconnected in ZISU. Browse the following links and read for more. 


Athletics, physical education and recreation

At ZISU, students apply to traditional sports the same passion and energy as they do to modern sports. They learn and practise martial arts, especially Taiji boxing, taekwondo, yoga, dragon-boat rowing, and other sports. Every year, ZISU holds a sports meet that attracts many student athletes to show their skills and break the records.


Physical education, a general requirement for every ZISU student, teaches health and wellness concepts in addition to specific skill instruction. Recreational sports include scores of programs annually, including street dance, fitness training, group exercise and specialty events.

Visit the Department of Physical Education web site for more information.



Societies, Themed Events & Activities

Students at ZISU are encouraged to set up societies of their interest and organize themed events, festivals and activities. There are over 20  student societies and interest groups that engage nearly half of the student population at ZISU. Every season, students from different societies organize themed activities, like cultural festivals, best singer contests, and Chinese classics reading competition.


Societies and Themed Events

Taekwondo Club

Karate Club

Computer Science Club

Ball Games Society

Flower Design Club

Green Life Association

English Drama Club

The Ape Club of Original Music

Yoga Club

Sign Language Club

Association & Idea Elite Group

Roller Skating Club

Magic Club

DIY Club

Love Club

1 cm Public Good Club

At-Ease Club

Radio Play Club

Local Dialect Club

On-Street Exercising Club


Student Dorms Culture Festival