Zhejiang International Studies University

A Special Greeting Card

The 60th anniversary commemoration of ZISU was grandly held in Dream Auditorium on Nov 28. The guests from all over the country and all ZISUers have a joyous gathering to express their affection toward ZISU and talked about its development. After the commemoration, a special electronic greeting card quietly and widely spread in the “Moments” of “Wechat”. Until now, the electronic greeting card was read by 45185 times, and the number is still growing.


 “This electronic greeting card set the university anthem as the musical background; it absorbed elements such as university motto, calibration and 60th anniversary and showcased ZISU students’ cultural life on campus. Its overall style is simple and elegant, and favored by all students.” A student from School of Science and Technology said.
Affection toward ZISU infected all faculties, which deeply moved Shi Qile, a teacher from School of Science and Technology, who actively produced the card to celebrate 60th anniversary of ZISU in this special way. Shi Qile said:” In this period, every faculty has felt the affection for ZISU. The original intention for me to make this card is to express my affection and proud toward ZISU, I did not expect it to spread so widely in we-medias.


One of the alumni who attend the commemoration said emotionally: "Not just this electronic greeting card, the photos taken during the commemoration has burst our ‘Moments’. ZISU moved every ZISUer by awarding the old alumni, and a lot of people's eyes were filled with tears. When chorusing ZISU anthem, a sense of proud arise from all alumni, and we hope our alma mater can be better and better.
It is not only a "special" card, but also a sincere feeling, and a true expression of an ordinary ZISU faculty. 60th anniversary of ZISU embodies its 60 years of glory and dream, and brought together the positive energy for the development of ZISU.