Zhejiang International Studies University

Research and Service

Research at ZISU aims to serve the regional need for social and economic development. Focusing on international relationships, economy and business, cross-cultural management, and international exchanges for education, ZISU’s research efforts are enhanced through creative and interdisciplinary collaborations with leading research institutes and consortia in Zhejiang and the Yangtze River region. Compiled here are some of ZISU’s research centers and programs where active research is taking place.


Institutes byTopics

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, director: HONG Gang

Latin American Studies, director: XU Shicheng

Translation Studies,director: SHEN Lianyun

Translation Education, director: CHEN Kefang

International Business: Language and Culture, director: LI Shenglu  

Chinese Language and Culture Studies, director: XU Songlie

International Tourism and Leisure, director: ZHANG Huanzhou

Brand Communication Studies, director: ZHOU Zhaoxia

Chinese and German Education, director: WU Weidong

Educational Leadership and Teacher Education, director: LI Chunling

Computer Application Technology, director: ZHAN Xiaosi

Applied Chemistry, director: YOU Jinzong

Fine Art and Cultural Creativity, director: HONG Fudan

Folk Music Studies, director: GUAN Shaohua

Moral Education Studies, director: ZHU Renbao

Collaborative Center for Internationalization of Zhejiang Regional Culture, director: ZHAO Fa