Zhejiang International Studies University

University Motto

明德 Virtue

 “The way of great learning consists in manifesting one's bright virtue, consists in loving the people, consists in stopping in perfect goodness.”—The Great Learning


弘毅 Perseverance

“A scholar can not but be broad-minded and strong-willed because his burden is heavy and his course is long. He regards the practice of benevolence as his own burden. Isn’t the burden heavy? Only when his life comes to an end can he stop the practice. Isn’t the course long?” —The Analects

博雅 Erudition

“His being erudite and fond of classics had attracted to his court many men of preeminent learning.”—The Preface of Summons for a Recluse, The Songs of Chu 

通达 Practicality

“The ability of understanding and practicality can be described as the culmination of learning.”—Book of Rites, Record on the Subject of Education